119 London Dry Gin

It is a Premium Gin, London Dry Gin, 40 degrees. It is obtained by a manual process of double distillation in traditional cooper stills, in small batches of 500 liters each.

The final product is crystalline, with fragrances and flavors of juniper, cardamom and ginger and with fresh herbaceous notes. It is silky and balsamic on the palate, with a pleasant citrus aftertaste final.

119 is a Gin produced by Carmelitano Distilleries, in Benicasim (Castellón, Spain). Its name is based on the years that these distilleries are open (since 1896) when this new gin has been launched.


Botanical ingredients used are juniper berries, cardamom seeds, ginger root, lemon peel, angelica root and 24 botanicals more. All they make a secret formula with a Mediterranean touch.

Perfect serve fresh 119

In balloon stemware, with a lot of ice, add 5 cl. of 119 gin and 20 cl. of refreshment.

It is especially recommended for the classic gin tonic, but it can be blended perfectly with ginger ale. Use classical tonic water with a fresh ginger slice and a mint leaf or peppermint.

It can be used as a beverage, accompanying dishes of raw fish as sushi.